UK mobile number for Expats now available in more countries

UK mobile number for Expats now available in more countries

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A UK mobile number for Expats

Another Number for Expats provides Expats with the use of a UK mobile number on their French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish mobile networks without the need for a second SIM, phone or contract.

You’ll be able to make and receive UK calls and texts as if you’re in the UK without incurring international call rates from your local mobile operator. It’s worth noting, calls between Another Number users are also free.

If you’re a Brit living overseas or stuck in lockdown during this crisis, you might be quite reliant upon a range of apps or social media to keep in touch with friends or family. Plus sometimes you need a proper UK mobile number to manage admin tasks in the UK such as your bank, healthcare, or keeping in touch with colleagues or customers based in the UK.

If you’re a UK business owner with employees in those countries, you can buy them a UK mobile number with lots of useful tools such as IM/Group Chat and broadcasts so they can keep in touch with UK based colleagues. 

Even if you simply want to prepare for Brexit madness and its potential effect on roaming charges, give Another Number for Expats a try.

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