Add an international colleague to your Another Number Team

Add an international colleague to your Another Number Team

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With our new product Another Number Global, internationally based colleagues can now become part of your Another Number Team.

Launched for the iPhone on Spanish mobile networks, Android and more countries to follow,  Another Number Global enables Expats to add a UK mobile number to their Spanish iPhone, on any Spanish mobile network without the need for a second SIM, phone or contract.

They’ll be able to make and receive UK calls & texts in Spain as if in the UK without incurring international call rates from their Spanish mobile operator. Plus access to useful tools such as IM/Group Chat and Broadcasts so they can keep in touch with UK based colleagues. 

Set up is simple, your administrator adds them via the Management Portal in the normal way.

Your colleague will receive an email containing the app download link along with their activation link they should press after the app has downloaded.

Simple as that and for only £7.99/month plus vat!

For general information go here -> Another Number Global

Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or suggestions for new features contactus@thumbtel.com

The Thumbtel Team

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