“The fact that you don’t need a separate mobile phone is worth alot”

“The fact that you don’t need a separate mobile phone is worth alot”

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Fiona and her team run a coaching company, Shine Coaching, in East Lancashire, with all work conducted from home, over the phone. We caught up with her to hear about how she’s finding Another Number for Teams.

Fiona, tell us about your business…

We offer guidance coaching and support and resolution for men living in East Lancashire, who are struggling to deal with anger and conflict in their daily lives.

How important are mobiles to your business and how are they used? 

They’re essential. All of our coaching is offered one-to-one over the phone with a dedicated coach, providing a free, accessible, personal and flexible service.

What attracted you to Another Number?

We work remotely (always have, not just recently) and needed our employees to have a secure line to clients as all of our work is conducted over the phone. We were keen to try a second number without needing to carry two phones. 

What has the feedback been from your team?

We are really happy with the service so far & none of our coaches has mentioned any problems at all with their Another Numbers. Everyone loves it & the fact that you don’t need a separate mobile phone is worth a lot. 

How do you find it as a manager?

We have been really pleased to use Another Number for our team. The website is easy to use, to add more numbers & to monitor use.

Which feature/s do you like the most?

It’s great for us due to the nature of our business, working remotely from home over the phone, that our personal numbers are kept separate from our work numbers so our privacy is protected. We also love that we don’t have to carry two phones. 

Who would you recommend Another Number to and why? 

Anyone who would like to give their employees a separate number for work, but knows that none of them wants to use a second phone.


If your employees are juggling work and personal calls on one mobile phone or are complaining about carrying a second phone for work, give Another Number a try. Numbers are provided on a monthly subscription so you’re never tied into a longterm contract and only pay for the numbers you’re using each month. Find out more here.


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