Another Number Lite – New subscription for £4.99 a month!

Another Number Lite – New subscription for £4.99 a month!

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Today we have launched Another Number Lite, a VoIP, pay as you go version of Another Number, which provides a second number for work on your iPhone.

Our main subscription is now available at £14.99 a month, and based on feedback from our early adopters, includes calls and messages between Another Numbers, to standard UK landlines and UK mobiles. This service continues to use the mobile network so that you’re always available whenever your phone has a signal. You’ll also have the option of switching over to VoIP when you know you have mobile date coverage or a WiFi connection. We’ve been testing out our VoIP service for the last few months and the quality of calls is great, so we hope you’ll find it a useful addition.

For those of you who opt for Another Number Lite, calls will be diverted to your voicemail when you’re offline and will be presented as a voicemail transcription as soon as you regain a mobile data or WiFi connection.

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The next addition towards the end of October will be Another Number Team. We know that businesses like to centrally manage their team’s mobile numbers and want to be able to easily settle bills as one easy payment rather than dealing with numerous expense claims. Our team portal will allow your business to purchase, allocate and pay for Another Number for any employee who doesn’t want to carry a second device or use their personal number for work.

If your business would like to join our beta before general release then please contact

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