Are you ready to switch off?

Are you ready to switch off?

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So it’s the 18th December and the Christmas holidays are nearly upon us…

Are you already tucking into mince pies and watching the likes of Elf, or are you frantically finishing off last bits of work so you can (hopefully) relax for a week or so? Even if we have time off, a lot of us will still be checking and responding to emails, taking calls and replying to messages as usual over the next couple of weeks, even if we are taking annual leave.

If you feel that you must respond to everything immediately, you maybe haven’t recognised the importance of switching off.

By this time of year, a lot of us are feeling frazzled, the weather is gloomy and it’s been office party season for nearly a month, so it’s really important to wind down and recharge your batteries. Employers should also encourage employees to take a proper break, as not doing so can have an impact on their health in January or later on, which is not good for either party.

Our tips for switching off and relaxing over the holidays

Here are our holidays tips. They may seem obvious but are often overlooked:

To do list:

For your last few days at work, write a To Do List that is entirely achievable and only includes the absolute essentials – this way you won’t get stressed trying to complete it. You’ll feel great as you tick each item off by the end of your last day. Add any other tasks to your January list – Wunderlist is great for this.

Set expectations:

Proactively call or email your customers and colleagues to let them know when your holiday starts and how long you’ll be off for. This will pre-empt any possible “tricky situations” where they feel they can’t get hold of you. The chances are that they are feeling the same and won’t come back to you with anything but at least you have been clear and helpful.

Out of office:

Make sure you switch this on the minute that you have finished working and also add a back up contact for any emergencies. Don’t be afraid to state that you will not be checking emails or taking calls – the clearer you are the better.

Disable email notifications:

If you check your phone regularly (who doesn’t) and see an increasingly high number on your email app then you’ll be fretting about who has contacted you, what for and if  your colleagues have been able to help. Ignorance is bliss and if you’ve taken care of everything then you shouldn’t need to know.

Phone calls:

If you have a work phone then create an “out of office holiday greeting” just as you have with your email, so anyone who contacts you knows when you’ll be back in touch. If you use Another Number, then remember to set your work number to Do Not Disturb on the Switchboard and make sure you have created a festive voice and text message auto-reply.

Most of all:

Switch off, relax and have fun!

Wishing you a lovely break from the Another Number Team

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