Don’t renew your business mobile contract before reading this…

Don’t renew your business mobile contract before reading this…

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If you’re due to renew business mobile contracts, consider this…

The average company spends £24 per month per employee on business mobile phones, but is this spend justified and a good use of budget?

We’ve worked with many businesses large and small, many realising their device numbers and contracts were not necessary.

For example:

‘Company A’ has 160 work mobiles

Avg Call Minutes = 73 per month
Avg SMS =  6 per month
Avg Mobile Costs per employee = £24 per month
Total Monthly Costs (excl. losses & breakages) = £3,840.00

Annual cost = £46,080.00


Another Number for Teams 2nd number service

160 Subscriptions
Up to 300 minutes of calls or texts or a combination of both
No 2nd handsets
No new sims
No contract
Total Month Costs = £1,278.40 

Annual cost = £15,340.80

Total annual saving: £30,739 (67%)



Other accessible cost savings:

    • Support of GDPR best practices (protect against fines)
    • Support for broadcast & group conversations enables removal of WhatsApp in compliance organisations (NHS etc)
    • Availability of comprehensive communication audit trails for compliance
    • Productivity features such as voicemail transcription & team numbers
    • International calling – Thumbtel network can save 80 users £12k per quarter compared to other services

If you would like help in setting up a pilot, we’d be happy to help – contactus@thumbtel.com and we’ll give you a call.

Thumbtel Team

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