Get the Gist Voicemail is great, I’m not sure I could live without it now.

Get the Gist Voicemail is great, I’m not sure I could live without it now.

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Alex Pell is a Director of Dashboard Media, London’s top creative-skills training agency, and Technology Editor of the EasyJet Traveller magazine.

Alex how much do you use your phone for work?

As a journalist I use my phone constantly and receive lots of phone calls each week.

Why did you decide to use hullomail?

I can’t always take calls as I’m often on the phone myself, holding training days for clients of Dashboard Media or working to deadlines, so each interruption potentially sets me back a few minutes.

Which subscription do you have?

I have the Business subscription with all of the features like transcriptions, out of office greetings and the ability to reply to voicemails by email, or share them by email.

What is your favourite feature of hullomail and why?

GetTheGist voicemail is great, I’m not sure I could live without it now. I receive a lot of calls and can’t take them all or I’d never get anything done. I love the fact that I can quickly glance through a long list of voicemails and see who has called.

How has this helped you in your role?

It saves me a lot of time. If I didn’t have hullomail I’d either have to ignore the voicemails as many people do these days, and wait for the person to call back, or I’d have to dial in to hear their messages which is a pain. I can now use my voicemails to prioritise who I should get back in touch with first and ensure that I respond quickly to any hot stories that I have received calls about.

Would you recommend hullomail to other journalists?

Definitely, and to anyone who receives lots of phone calls for work. I’d say to go for the Business Subscription with GetTheGist so you can read your voicemails.

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