Global media business MD and theatre director uses Another Number

Global media business MD and theatre director uses Another Number

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Global media business MD and Theatre Director uses Another Number to manage work calls

Christopher Francis is the MD of Francis Media and Director of Windsor Theatre Ltd; he started using Another Number as an alternative to buying a second phone.

How did you hear about Another Number?

I already used Hullomail and it was an option when I was looking to change my business mobile number. It meant I only ever needed to carry one mobile with me at a time.

What attracted you to give Another Number a try?

A number of things – not having to carry two phones which is cumbersome, ease of use based on my experience of Hullomail, the fact I can turn the work number off and keep my personal number on, and also being in control of when people can reach me.

What problem doesAnother Number solve for you?

It enables me to multi-task and also to better manage my work and social life.

What is the biggest difference Another Number has made to you?

It has made my life simpler and my work communications easier to manage.

Can you explain how it has helped with your work-life balance?

Because I work in the global media marketplace, we are expected to be available 24 hours a day by our clients and associates worldwide, no matter what time zone they are in. Having Another Number means that we can switch off, even if it’s just for a couple of hours to sleep. Or, during an important meeting we can change the outgoing greeting and text messages, simply advising the client when we will be available to return their call, so they know they’re not being ignored.

Are there any features that you find particularly useful?

Do not disturb and the ability to change greetings as and when required is really useful for me.

How was the move from two phones to one?

Simple and easy, I don’t miss my second phone at all.

How do you find the call quality and reliability?


If you are struggling with two phones and haven’t yet tried another number, find out more here.



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