Healthcare CEO uses another number to ditch second phone and switch off from work

Healthcare CEO uses another number to ditch second phone and switch off from work

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Dr Satoshi Hori is the CEO of Life Biomedical, a Cambridge based distributor of high quality, innovative medical products.

Satoshi was struggling with carrying two phones and switching off from work until he found Another Number…

What problem did another number solve for you?

I used to carry two mobiles all the time – one for work, another for personal calls.  This was really awkward at times and far from ideal. I once tried a dual-sim phone but in the end, I realised that I was too attached to my iPhone so ended up carrying two mobiles again! When I saw the ‘another number’ service being launched, I knew it was just the service as I was looking for.

How has it made a difference to you?

Now, I receive all my work and personal calls on just my iPhone, which has really helped me manage my calls and feel that it has also helped me proactively manage my work-life balance.

Can you explain how it helps with your work-life balance?

If I am away from the office with family, I can simply turn on the ‘do not disturb’ function of the another number service and any messages left on my voicemail will be transcribed visually as a message.  I then simply look at this to decide whether it is something that I need to act straight away or whether it can be left until when I’m back at work.

How was the move from two phones to one?

For me, the most important aspect of the service was the ability to port my old number across to the Another Number service.  As the CEO of a healthcare distribution company, it was really important to me that I keep disruptions to a minimum and the ability to keep my number was a key aspect in my decision to sign up to their service.

What else attracted you to Another Number?

Another reason why I chose Another number is the reputation of the parent company.  I have been a subscriber of their hullomail service for years now and have always been impressed with the simplicity and reliability of their service. So far, Another Number appears to be living up to their reputation and I have been impressed with their service!

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