Make calls from Another Number to the US

Make calls from Another Number to the US

940 470 Ally Munarriz

As another number grows then so do the requirements of our customers.

We’re always listening to how you use the service and as business is now far more global than ever, we know that it needs to be as easy and affordable to call colleagues and contacts overseas, as it is to call those around the corner.

So, we’re happy to let you know that based on customer feedback, you can now make calls from another number to the US for the same rate as a UK call.

For Lite and Team customers, that’s just 1 credit per minute. For those of you have the all inclusive subscription, nothing changes, you can now call the US as part of your package. Nice!

Don’t forget as well that if your colleagues and work contacts join Another Number as well, you’ll get free calls and messages between each other, no matter which package you have.

If you haven’t yet tried another number then you can find out more here.



  • I can’t make calls to the USA, it just gives me a message saying it is not a legitimate number.

    I also tried using it within the USA to a US number and again the same message.

    Any ideas?

    • Hi Clive, Sorry about that, we’ll pass this over to our support team for you and get back to you ASAP via our ticketing system.

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