Thumbtel and YouMail, a Phone App Marriage Made in Heaven

Thumbtel and YouMail, a Phone App Marriage Made in Heaven

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It’s pure magic when two things come together to form something great. In America, one of their great combinations is peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches. Each ingredient is fine on its own, but when pressed together between two slices of bread, they absolutely delight American pallets. Fish and chips follow a similar corollary for British tastebuds.

We recall a great bond from our formative years watching episodes of Danger Mouse. The titular “DM” and his sidekick Penfold formed a rather unlikely but highly effective crime-fighting duo against the likes of Baron Greenback and Count Duckula. Don’t forget R2-D2 and C-3PO. Low key, some of the most tense moments in A New Hope came in the first 15 minutes when the robot duo parted ways on the sands of Tatooine. Indeed, the Star Wars universe was never quite right anytime the two loveable droids were separated (exhibits A through C: most of the sequel trilogy).

No matter your feelings on The Rise of Skywalker or crime-fighting rodents that live in Pillar Boxes, there is no denying that the right pairing can form a more powerful one.

In this article, we cover:

  • The power of complementary products.
  • Everything Thumbtel and YouMail already have in common.
  • When to expect robocall blocking to come to your favorite Thumbtel apps.

Case in point, late last year we here at Thumbtel formed our own alliance with another phone service powerhouse: YouMail. “But how could Thumbtel possibly get any better?” you’re probably asking yourself. Well, it turns out Thumbtel and YouMail are birds of a different feather. It turns out YouMail is a pioneer, having been at it for as long as there have been smartphones as we currently know them. Back in 2007, as the first Apple iPhones began to roll off the assembly line, YouMail was breaking ground as the first third-party, multi-platform visual voicemail service based in the cloud. It turns out YouMail isn’t just another phone app, but a trusted innovator and resource in our space.

Providing a Second Phone Number and Voicemail App Too

For its mostly American audience, YouMail provides services Thumbtel users are quite intimate with: powerful third-party visual voicemail and a second phone number. If you’re in need of Hullomail-like visual voicemail and an Another Number–like second line but with American digits instead, we highly recommend YouMail. In fact, “they” are “us,” so you know you’re in good hands.

Global Robocall Blocking Coming Soon

Another benefit of this small reunification with the colonies (Irvine, California, was part of the colonies, wasn’t it?) is that your beloved Thumbtel apps will soon be granted new magical powers, courtesy of YouMail. One of the stand-out features of YouMail is its best-in-class robocall blocking technology. In fact, YouMail keeps such rich and authoritative robocall data, major publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today source it regularly. If you have a moment, have a look at YouMail’s Robocall Index, updated monthly. While YouMail was documenting and solving the plague of robocall spam in the US, the UK was identified in 2018 as being the second worst affected country in the world, with 22 percent of incoming calls coming from unknown contacts identified as spam. It’s an ongoing problem that knows no borders, only unfortunate victims. And the more phone numbers the villains can attack, the better their chances of advancing their devious interests. Plus, having your phone constantly ring everyday with lifeless recordings on the other end phishing for your personal data is a total nuisance.


In the US, the number of robocalls has steadily climbed back to near pre-pandemic numbers. In January 2021 in the US, by YouMail’s estimates robocalls accounted for 4 billion calls placed, averaging about 12 robocalls per person, 63 percent of which were classified as scams or telemarketing. So as our American allies begin to wrangle in and account for our data here in the UK, we will begin seeing a greater picture of just how looming the robocall plight is at home and worldwide.


In the meantime, Thumbtel users can look forward to YouMail’s powerful robocall blocking technology becoming a part of our feature mix for both HulloMail and Another Number by spring 2021, protecting you from all the fraud, spam, and exasperation you face everyday. This technology is only getting more potent as partnerships like ours become fully realized.


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