Top 5 apps for Freelancers

Top 5 apps for Freelancers

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If you’re a freelancer or just someone who likes to work from home then you know there are tons of cool and useful apps and programs to help keep you productive and happy. At Another Number we’re striving to do just that and are continuously working to bring new features to help improve your work and personal life.

Improvements in technology should always make life easier, keep you focused and most importantly make you a little happier. But now there are hundreds of developers creating tools with the aim of helping you, and it can become a little overwhelming working out what each App does or working out which is better. We’ve put together a little list for you of some of our favourite apps which could help you.

  1. Freedom

This cool App is super useful if you’re prone to distractions! Freedom blocks notifications and ads from websites and programs you select. No pesky ads, and if you’re one to venture onto Facebook and get distracted for a bit too long, Freedom can prevent notifications so you don’t get tempted and you’re also able to set up the App to block you from the site for a set amount of time. Time is one of the most valuable assets you have, switching off from distractions is vital.


  1. Trello

This App is somewhere between Pinterest and Post-it notes. When you’re juggling different projects or have an extensive to-do list, Trello is great for keeping it organised, looking neat and keeping track of your progress. You can sort items by importance, add notes, update tasks that are in progress or have been completed.


  1. Jira

If you’re a developer or part of a dev team you’ll find Jira really useful to track bugs, issues, and overall project management concerns. It’s similar to Trello in that you can organise tasks, but it also allows you to assign tasks to individuals, allowing you to plan, track, and release fantastic software.


  1.  X.AI

X.AI is a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you. I think this program is ridiculously cool. All you have to do is CC amy@x.ai in an email and ‘Amy’ your personal AI assistant, will organise with your guest to find the best time and location, knowing your schedule and preferences. Once a time has been agreed, an invite will be in your inbox letting you know when the meeting has been scheduled for. This is by far one of the coolest and most time saving Apps available, no more pinging email back and forth trying to arrange a date.


  1. Houzz

Typically not thought of as an App to improve productivity, but after someone suggested I check it out, Houzz seemed really cool and actually brings up a quite important point. Houzz can be used to help design, plan and upgrade your home office. It’s really important that if you do work from home, that you have a dedicated space to work. This App helps stress that point and if you create a space you enjoy working in, it feels organised and stress free, that will always reflect on your mood and how you approach your work.


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