Get the most out of Another Number with these tips

Get the most out of Another Number with these tips

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Get the most out of Another Number with these tips to get you started…

  • Calling and texting – Your calls and texts are included in your subscription, subject to our Fair use Policy
  • Easily identify your work calls with a special ringtone by opening your phone Contacts, find the Another Number Incoming Call contact and set a ringtone to easily identify your work calls
    Another Number Global
  • Find your number – Go to More to find and share your Another Number with work contacts so they can start calling and texting you
    Another Number.
  • Import your work contacts – Keep work and personal communications completely separate by adding work contacts in the app and keeping your personal contacts in your main phone Contacts
    Another Number.
  • Optimise call quality – Depending on where you are and how reliable your coverage is, you can decide to make and receive calls over the Mobile Network or WiFi/Mobile Data, or the app can ask you each time you dial. Go to More to set this up
    Another Number.
  • Create voice and text greetings – Record one for your standard missed calls and others for meetings, evenings, weekends and when you’re on holiday, telling your contacts when they can expect to hear from you. All found in your Switchboard
    Another Number.
  • Switch off when you’re not working – Set the Switchboard to Do Not Disturb when you’re not available for work using your Greetings – you can even create an Auto-Reply for text messages received during this time
    Another Number.

If you’re in Another Number Team

  • Quickly reach your colleagues via the team directory – See colleague names, roles and contact details at the top of Contacts
    Another Number.
  • Group chat with your colleagues – Chat to a group of colleagues by tapping New Group when creating a new message
    Another Number.
  • Broadcast to colleagues without cluttering email inboxes – If you’re an Administrator you can also broadcast by topic e.g. Available Rooms from the Team Portal


We hope you enjoy using Another Number. Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or suggestions for new features contactus@thumbtel.com

The Thumbtel Team

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