5 Voicemail features your operator probably doesn’t have

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5 Voicemail features your mobile operator probably doesn’t have

In 2007, Apple rolled out its very first iPhone with visual voicemail as one of its most prominent innovations. Meanwhile, we had already dropped the first third-party, multi-platform visual voicemail service for mobile operators. That’s right, we’ve been voicemail innovators longer than Apple! It should come as no surprise to hear that as much as you trust Apple Visual Voicemail as a bedrock feature of your phone, you can trust Thumbtel as the gold standard in third-party voicemail innovation.

But why consider an alternative when the built-in offering seems adequate? Well, when it comes to visual voicemail, here are five ways Hullomail levels up your experience:

1. Searchable Voicemail

When the spoken word is converted to text, a world of possibility opens up. Not only do voicemail messages become easier to skim, they become easier to organize. Perhaps you’re looking for that voice message you received about a month ago about a killer new crypto investment. But which voicemail was it? You could painstakingly listen to every voicemail you received around that time, you could even scan the transcription of each manually. Or, with Hullomail you can search for the word “crypto” in the app or email and quickly see all relevant voicemails instantly. As you can imagine, this is incredibly useful for business applications when searching for that critical message you need right away. Voicemail innovation!

2. Custom Greetings

Whether you want to greet callers, such as your customers by name, or just have a little fun with your friends, Hullomail’s custom voicemail greetings have something to offer for everyone.

Hullomail’s custom voicemail greetings are memorable and impactful.

You can:

  • Choose a different greeting for each caller
  • Record a greeting that everyone hears, or a lot of specific greetings that only individuals hear (i.e., spouse, parents, clients or partner).
  • Record some greetings in one language, like English, and another greeting in another language, Spanish for example. The world is your oyster.

Voicemail innovation!

3. Capturing lost calls

When your phone is off or has no coverage, your operator voicemail often does not tell you when a caller hangs-up during your voicemail greeting. Just how many calls are you missing?

Our new users often notice they have many more missed calls than they previously knew about, it’s not because you get more calls because your friends know you’re using Hullomail, it’s because your mobile operator just doesn’t have the tech to capture these missed calls, tut-tut mobile operator, where’s your Voicemail innovation?

4. Email forwarding

Voicemail to Email is a feature that lets you send copies of your voicemail transcripts to your email with the audio as an attachment. Imagine you can switch your phone off and still access your messages from your PC, laptop and iPad etc, Voicemail innovation!

5. Call Protection

Call Protection is a feature that allows you to block spammers, telemarketers and unwanted callers.

Thumbtel’s easy-to-use call blocking technology allows anyone to block spam calls. The technology has so far stopped over 1 billion robocalls and is now rolling out in Hullomail. When you download Hullomail, you can configure your phone to block spam callers and contacts from leaving voicemails including stopping your phone ringing. In the coming months, we will also be adding automatic detection of unwanted calls from our proprietary list of spam and robocall callers.

Please note Call Blocker is currently available in the Hullomail for iPhone, Android coming soon…


Hullomail is available on both iPhone and Android. Or if you’d like to add a second line to your personal mobile as a dedicated work number, try Another Number, available for individuals or your entire business.

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