Another Number in Dark Mode for iPhone

Another Number in Dark Mode for iPhone

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This Autumn Apple will introduce iOS 13 with a new look available for all apps. Dark Mode, is a simple setting which enables you to change the background colour of an app to black. You may have seen this already if you use a Mac but if not, here’s why it’s useful…

Eye health 

PC Mag reported last year that the blue light emitted from smartphones and other screens can erode eye health over time, particularly if you use your phone in the dark as it focuses the potentially damaging blue light directly into your eyes.

Better sleep

Constant exposure to this type of light can impact the quality of your sleep as it suppresses the production of melatonin, an essential hormone for sleep. So if you have caught yourself looking at your phone late at night whilst the lights are out and then struggle to drop off, this may be why.

Battery life

If you have an iPhone X, which has an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen, you may see an increase in battery life. OLED screens light up every pixel to display an image, so the darker the image, the less light is used. If though, you have anything prior to the 8 Plus, you’ll have an LCD screen which constantly uses a backlight.

What’s new in Another Number?

In anticipation of iOS 13 we have added the Dark Mode switch to Another Number. Due to the nature of Another Number, a lot of you will have your work number on Do Not Disturb by the time it’s dark. But for those of you who use Another Number in the evenings, or just want to reduce the blue light your eyes have to deal with each day, we hope it’ll be of great use.

How do I switch to Dark Mode?

Go to More and scroll to Dark Mode and select, easy as that.

Get in touch if you have any feedback or questions about this new feature, or if you have ideas of ways that we can improve the app further – we’re always happy to hear from you!








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