Another Number now available on Android

Another Number now available on Android

3322 1481 Ally Munarriz

A second number for work, no second SIM, handset or contract. That’s Another Number.

Gone are the days of wasting time fumbling for a second SIM card or carrying around two phones. Another Number adds a second UK mobile number to your smartphone, no matter which UK network you’re on.

Launched for iPhone last year, Another Number is now used by entire businesses, individual office based professionals and self-employed people who are on the go and need a work number but don’t want to carry two phones.

It gives you:

  • A second number via our easy to use app
  • Clear separation between work and personal calls with a separate ringtone
  • Calls and messages all displayed in one view
  • Visual voicemail with transcription to save you time
  • A reliable service – uses your mobile network, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G
  • Flexibility – no nasty longterm contracts
  • Free calls and messages between Another Numbers

If you’re worried about receiving constant work calls and messages when you need a break, trying to concentrate without interruptions or are away on holiday, Another Number can be switched to Do not Disturb mode so callers hear a greeting or receive an auto-reply text and you won’t be disturbed until you’re back in work mode.

You can purchase numbers for an entire business on our user-friendly Team Portal or if it’s just for you, download the app from Google Play to get started straight away. You pay month to month with no longterm contracts, unlike a typical mobile operator. Find out more here or start your free trial here today.






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