The best apps to help you unwind

The best apps to help you unwind

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When you’ve had a long day and need to unwind, those of us with smart phones increasingly turn to our devices to help us to relax. Relaxation apps are plentiful, but unfortunately many of them simply don’t work. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite apps to help us chill out.


If your looking to meditate for the first time, Headspace might be for you. Headspace’s introduction video tells you to think of the app as “a gym membership for your brain.” The free portion of the app features Take 10, a 10-day program that requires just 10 minutes of your time every day for deep meditation and establishing a healthy relaxation technique.

Eventually after you finish the free 10-day program, you can choose to subscribe for a wide variety of other targeted relaxation techniques for specific situations, duration’s and personal goals. You can also track your progress and compare with friends.


Chillax is the ultimate one-button relaxation app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch – simply open the app and press the play button to start relaxing. No more searching for the right CD, playlist, or relaxation track. With Chillax you simply set the timer and start to unwind. Chillax uses a unique combination of soothing music, relaxing sounds and binaural beats to ease you into a state of relaxation and calm.

Monument Valley

In this simple puzzle game, you must guide a princess through increasingly complex M.C. Escher-esque monuments by rotating paths, stairs, and walls. Even when you solve a puzzle, the entrancing colours and stunning design make it hard to leave one level and move on to the next.


If you love looking after plants but like the space and time, Viridi may be perfect for you. Grow and care for your plants in real time, and since they’re a little easier to take care of, it’s less stress, less mess and way more fun since you can take care of them when it suits you.

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