Business mobiles should not cost The Earth

Business mobiles should not cost The Earth

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Have you considered the impact that our business mobiles have on the environment?

It is estimated that there are over 14 million second phones used in the UK, to keep work and personal communications separate.

Have you considered how your business could take an environmentally friendlier approach to mobile communications?

Friends of the Earth, The Environmental Agency Protection agency and Greenpeace state that…

• The production of each smartphone leaves a footprint of 18 square metres due to the mining of rare minerals

• One smartphone uses enough carbon in its lifetime to power a Boeing 737 jet for an hour

• Extraction of rare earth minerals produces harmful radioactive waste, linked to cancer

• The smartphone manufacturing process uses an estimated 13 tons of water per smartphone

• Smartphones are often disposed of in landfill and left to secrete toxic chemicals and poisons

• The UK’s second phones use enough carbon to power 30,000 homes for a year

Another Number for Teams addresses each of these concerns with our easy to use app.

No more second phones – Avoid contributing to the negative effects that the production of unnecessary devices has on the environment

Only one phone to charge – A better solution for you, your employees and the environment

Avoid smartphone disposal – Remove the worry of disposing of devices responsibly

If you would like to start reducing the impact that your business communication has on the environment, contact us for more information or please click here us to start your free trial of Another Number for Teams.

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