Are you overspending on business mobiles?

Are you overspending on business mobiles?

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When was the last time you considered how much you spend on business mobiles and if you could be saving? 

The average cost of a business mobile phone in the UK costs £32 a month. Many work mobiles remain unused as employees either don’t like the model that’s issued or find carrying two phones cumbersome and impractical.

In the UK as a whole £5.5 billion is spent each year on second phones.

What does this cost your business?

The alternative to issuing work mobiles is allowing employees to use their own phones for work, known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) but this comes with its own set of problems.

  • The business loses the number and contact history if an employee leaves
  • Phones may be answered in an unprofessional manner
  • Expense claims are often inaccurate and time consuming
  • There is no way for employees to “switch off” from work
  • GDPR will soon require work and personal communications to be separate on a mobile

All of these issues can be solved by Another Number for Teams.

For £9.99 a month, each employee can have a second and separate number for work on their personal device. Owned and paid for by the company, it removes and solves all of the issues above.

So for a 10 person business you could save £2,640 a year, 20 person £5,280 and so on.

Contact us to find out more or register to start your free trial today.

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