Finally an end to PPI and accident calls!

Finally an end to PPI and accident calls!

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If you have ever received a call “regarding your accident”, or from somebody who wants to “help you to claim thousands back”, there is a good chance that the call is a very speculative one and rather annoying as they don’t seem to give up.

Once you add your work mobile number to your website, business cards, social media profiles etc then it is easily accessible and open for anybody to contact you. That’s when these calls start to come through and take up time that you’d rather be using to do something far more productive.

With this in mind, we have created a list of numbers that will no longer be able to reach anyone who has Another Number. It already has a number of so-called SPAM callers on it and we’re inviting anyone who uses Another Number to contribute to help us all.

If you receive a nuisance call, simply send the number to us by IM (you should have a message from us that you can reply to), email support or Tweet us and we’ll add it to the list, it’s that easy!

This feature was based on customer feedback so if you have any suggestions yourself then please get in touch and we’ll pass them to our development team.



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