Free calls to landlines and more credits for your money!

Free calls to landlines and more credits for your money!

3494 1217 Thumbtel Team

Since the conception of Another Number we have been working hard to achieve better rates for your work calls and messages.

Today we are very pleased to announce:

All calls to standard UK landlines are now included in your subscription

Up to 33% more credits when you top up

You’ll also see that credits become cheaper the more that you purchase. If you don’t use your credits in one month it’s no problem at all as they keeping rolling over until you use them up.

20 credits – £0.99 – No change 

60 credits  – £2.99 – No change 

120 credits – £5.99 – Now 130 credits

180 credits – £8.99 – Now 200 credits

300 credits – £14.99 – Now 400 credits

So for the larger top up, a minute of calling or a message previously cost you £0.049 – this has now been reduced to £0.037

As well as pricing we’re busy working on some great new features, so keep an eye out for new releases over the next month or two. If you have any feedback or would like to let us know how Another Number is already helping you then please get in touch via the form below or email support@anothernumber.com as we’d love to hear from you.

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