Switch off on holiday

Switch off on holiday

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If you work for yourself, for a small business or you have a number of customers that you look after for a larger business, you will know the feeling that I’m about to explain.

You are on holiday. You’ve successfully planned work so everything should run smoothly whilst you’re away, or at least people know that you’ll be back in touch with them when you return. You’ve delegated tasks to a colleague, worked frantically until the last minute to complete everything expected of you before you left and set clear expectations with everyone you do business with that you’ll be away.

You’ve been happily lounging on a lilo or sitting by the pool, book in hand, cold beer next to you and you’re starting to finally relax after months of hard work and counting down until your hard earned break. And then it happens, you have the urge to check your phone and you have missed a call from a colleague or customer.

They know you’re away and there is often very little you can do to help – you know that, they know that – but if you don’t return the call you will feel guilty for the rest of the day and be wondering what the issue is, conjuring up all kinds of terrible scenarios. You’re no longer in holiday mode. For the next two or three hours your head is back in the office.

What you really need to do is give yourself a proper break, physically and mentally. So why not ensure that these holiday disturbing calls don’t come through at all! Give it a try and you’ll be in lilo mode for a lot longer and be far more effective and energised when you return.

“Mental detachment is crucial for a successful vacation,” The Wall Street Journal notes. “Turn off the phone, or limit email to a certain time each day.”

Another Number gives you a second line for work on your personal mobile. You can switch it into “do not disturb” mode every evening, weekend and holiday. Anyone who calls or sends you a text during this time will receive an out of office voice or text message from you and you won’t be disturbed whilst you’re switching off.

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