Follow GDPR best practice with your BYOD mobile phones

Follow GDPR best practice with your BYOD mobile phones

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If your employees are using their personal mobiles instead of work issued mobiles or you allow employees to use their personal devices, you need a Bring Your Device Policy that follows GDPR best practice. To formalise your BYOD policy, start a free trial Another Number today.

Over 14 million people in the UK use a second mobile phone for work but many of us prefer to use one device where we mix both work and personal communications, leaving our businesses open to data and security breaches.

A recent study found that…

Only 54% of organisations in the UK have adopted formal BYOD policies even though 72% of organisations have embraced BYOD and SaaS application adoption.

With GDPR in place, it is time to consider BYOD best practice

If your employees use their own mobile phone for work, either formally with a BYOD policy in place, or informally without the company’s knowledge then you need to consider…

• Do you have a clear policy in place that all employees are aware of?

• Can you make it easy for employees to follow your policy?

• How can they keep work and personal contacts and communications separate?

• How secure is customer data and communications on their device?

• Can you ensure that you retain customer data if an employee leaves your business?

Try Another Number for Teams

Add a separate number for work to your employees’ personal mobiles, so they can easily keep work and personal communications separate, whilst the business retains control of the numbers and all associated data.

The business owns the number – If an employee leaves, they will no longer have access and the business retains the number

Separate contacts book – Work communications are kept within the app completely separate from personal comms.

Avoid costly fines – Another Number can be the basis of a user and employer-friendly GDPR/BYOD mobile policy    

If you would like to formalise your current BYOD policy and ensure that you are following best practice.

Contact us for a free trial or get started straight away here.

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