Hullomail launches automated call blocking functionality for UK and Republic of Ireland

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Hullomail is excited to announce the next iteration of our capability to automatically stop scam/spam calls and other unwanted callers from calling all Hullomail subscribers in both the UK and Republic of Ireland.

In the UK, Ofcom estimates that around 700,000 UK people have fallen into such a trap in the 3 months up to August 2022 alone, risking financial loss and emotional distress.

According to telecoms.com, billions of spam calls were made in the UK in 2022. “The research was carried out by Green Smartphones, which describes itself as a sustainability-focused smartphone comparison site, and was designed to ascertain the number of nuisance phone calls (which is a polite way of phrasing it) that people receive in the UK. It estimates that this year there will have been 4.03 billion such calls made.”

Over the past year, In the Republic of Ireland, members of the public reported receiving scam calls from ‘cloned’ numbers belonging to the Department of Social Protection, the Courts Service, the office of the Attorney General, and Gardaí.

Hullomail’s spam call blocker and visual voicemail app makes call protection and voicemail effortless. You can take calls only from a true caller and automatically block spammers and fraudsters.

Hullomail also offers a voicemail inbox with messages from a true caller that you can read, reply, search, play and share with ease.

Key Features

Block spam and let a true caller through

  • Our spam call blocker identifies spam and scam callers from a list of UK numbers known to be in use by fraudsters.
  • Call blocker automatically updates as new spam numbers are detected and reported to be in use by fraudsters.
  • Call blocker preserves voicemail for a true caller.
  • Call blocker allows you to set your phone to ring only for a true caller.
  • Spam call blocker puts spam and fraud calls into your spam folder keeping your voicemail inbox for a true caller.
  • You can also block any number using a personal call blocker list.
  • Only let a true caller reach you.

How can Hullomail visual voicemail help?

Hullomail has always enabled you to prevent nuisance or unwanted callers from leaving you a voicemail. As promised, we’ve now implemented the second phase of our enhanced call blocker capability.

We now automatically protect your number from a known list of scam/spam callers.

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