Hullomail on giffgaff

Hullomail on giffgaff

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Further to the post below, we were informed by giffgaff that they have gone ahead and whitelisted all Hullomail mailbox numbers so you won’t be charged any extra for being able to use our service. Great news and thank you giffgaff!

No Hullomail with giffgaff?

Over the last couple of days we’ve heard from some of our customers on the giffgaff network that you’re not receiving missed calls and voicemails via Hullomail.

We’ve looked into this and it seems to have come about because giffgaff has made a change to the way they charge for call diverts. This used to be free of charge but now any diverts to a non-giffgaff number will be charged at 15p per minute.

How does this affect Hullomail?

Hullomail works by forwarding calls that you don’t answer to a separate mailbox number managed by Hullomail. As this divert is now being charged for by GiffGaff you will need credit for the call to reach Hullomail.

There is some extra info from Giffgaff on the topic here but if you’re disgruntled, add a reply to the post to let them know as we are looking for them to fix this so that we can still offer you our great service without you incurring extra charges.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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