Changes to your iPhone HulloMail subscription

Changes to your iPhone HulloMail subscription

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For 10 years we have run HulloMail with several different flavours: Free, Premium and Business, with the option of adding on extras such as ‘Get the gist’ voicemail transcription. This year we’ve decided to simplify the service so we’re now moving to two subscriptions: HulloMail Lite and HulloMail Pro.


The free version of HulloMail has been made possible due to funding by advertising.  Ads are served by 3rd party advertising companies and we no longer wish users to encounter this intrusion whilst using HulloMail. We’d rather offer a Lite subscription at £0.79/€ 0,99/$0.99 per month or £7.99/€8.99 /$8.49 per year and potentially have fewer but happier customers, rather than rely on advertising revenue to run the service.

I have the free version of HulloMail, what happens now?

We have enabled a one-month trial of HulloMail Pro for all users. Once your trial expires, you can subscribe or deactivate and return to your operator voicemail. 

I have HulloMail Premium, what happens now?

We currently charge £8.99/$/€ per year for HulloMail Premium. This subscription is being replaced by HulloMail Lite, an auto-renewable subscription at £0.79/€0.99 /$0.99 per month or £7.99/€8.99 /$8.49 per year. It will include 10 voicemail transcriptions of 10 seconds per month – enough for you to get the gist of the message. Your current HulloMail Premium subscription will run until its expiry date and then you’ll have the choice of subscribing to HulloMail Lite or HulloMail Pro.

I have HulloMail Business, what happens now?

You’ll be paying less! HulloMail Business is becoming HulloMail Pro and we’re reducing it from £4.99/€/$ to £3.99/€4.49/$4.49 each month or £39.99/€44.99/$43.99 each year on a recurring subscription but all features and functions will remain the same.

Why should I pay?

You’ll no longer have to see any ads running in the app and we’ve incorporated get the gist voicemail transcription so you know if a call is important for your first 10 messages each month.

We understand this may not be to everyone’s liking – you can learn how to deactivate and return to your operator here. We’ll be sad to see you go but won’t be offended.

If you have any questions or need help with your new subscription please see our FAQs contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

  • So what happens if you are part way through a premium subscription as I am are you saying you are canceling the existing subscription and now charging me monthly – That isn’t fair,

    Also, I don’t like paying monthly I much rather pay annually even if it was the same amount – it makes all my accounting checking a lot of work to handle 12 entries rather then 1

    • Hi Jon, hopefully you received our second email answering FAQs like this yesterday but just in case you didn’t – your current subscription will run until it expires. At that point you can decide whether to subscribe to Lite or Pro. We are looking into introducing an annual version of the Lite subscription so I hope you can bear with us whilst we work on that. We’ll inform all customers when we have more news about this. If you have any more questions feel free to

  • Hello,
    I currently pay an annual fee (£8.99) for your truly excellent service. However, I do prefer to pay annually, can you continue to offer an annual subscription for the ‘Lite’ service; I simply don’t like monthly payments as they are far more complicated to track and to list in tax return accounts? I pay my Apple Music subscription annually rather than monthly.. and for doing that Apple actually give me a small discount! Please consider providing the option of an annual subscription for the ‘Lite’ service.
    Thank you,
    Donald Taylor.

    • Hi Donald, thank you for your feedback. We are looking into introducing an annual version of the Lite subscription so I hope you can bear with us whilst we work on that. We’ll inform all customers when we have more news about this.

  • How do I subscribe to the lite version?

    Can I choose to pay an annual subscription or is it just monthly?

    • Hi Brian, we have made the subscription monthly, in line with HulloMail Pro and Another Number. There is no longer an annual product. If you have any further questions our support team can help –

  • So is the get the gist the only advantage to the Lite version? That on its own I don’t think is worth paying for.
    I would rather have more usability of thinks like multi voicemail recordings rather than be limited to 1 recording. That would make it worth the expense

    • Hi Craig, The Lite version offers the 10 seconds of transcription for 10 voicemails each month and the service will also be ad free – those are the two differences. You can also create multiple greetings and choose the one you’d like to use as well as creating individual greetings for each of your contacts. Hopefully that answers your question but if you need any further help

  • How do you cancel HulloMail

  • Hi I’m on Hullomail Premium. So far as I can see, there will be a slight upgrade in the service provided with the 10 x 10% transcriptions in return for the slight increase in subscription. Is that correct?

    I renewed my annual subscription in May of this year so presumably the new monthly subscription will come in in May next year. Please confirm. Will this be taken through Apple?

    • Hi James, Yes that’s correct. At the end of your current annual Premium subscription you can subscribe to Lite and then for 79p a month (which works out at 49p extra each year), you’ll get 10 x 10 seconds of transcriptions each month. We’ll remind you when you need to do this and it’ll be a recurring subscription each month through your Apple account. Hope that all makes sense but if you have any further questions our support team will be happy to help –

  • We’ll be sorry to see you go but we know we can’t keep everyone happy.

  • Hang on, so if I go for Lite, I can still hear all of my voicemails in full…but will get 10 seconds transcribed?

    • Hi Chloe, Yes that’s right! For the first 10 seconds of your first 10 messages each month you’ll be able to read them. We hope you like it 🙂

  • £79 per month is a fair price. But are there any other costs?
    Does it cost me if I listen to my voice mails via HulloMail?

    • Hi Thomas, Apologies for the delayed reply. No, there are no other costs at all unless you’d like to upgrade and receive the extra features of HulloMail Pro.If you have any further questions our support team will be happy to help –

  • Hi. Will the new pro plan have more voice message transcribes?

    I run out half was through the month and always need more. You guys used to add the extra credits for me but on the last few occasions I was told I would have to wait until next month to get more.

    I’m happy to pay for more. Hope you can add this into the plan

    • Hi Mark, the Pro plan includes transcription of all of your messages – up to 30 seconds each time. Hope that was what you were looking for!

  • Sorry we don’t know what you mean by canary ball drop! This is the same service that we have always offered but now without the ads. Unfortunately the revenue from the ads does not cover the costs of running the service which is why we have brought in the small charge but added in transcriptions as part of the subscription. If you have any further feedback or questions then our support team can help –

  • Awesome. Great product. Happy to stay a paying customer .

  • Apologies for the delayed reply, please and our support team will be able to help.

  • Hi Darren, Apologies for the delayed reply. You all need to subscribe to Lite once your premium subscription expires. We have now added an annual subscription for Lite users so hope that help you out. For any further enquiries please

  • Great product. Good going guys.

  • I’m still sad at the loss of free Hallo Mail. I first used it after Libon ditched their voicemail service and was very impressed but I can’t justfy the expense on my tight budget as I don’t receive many voicemails. The cost of Hallo Mail is a third of the cost of my EE price plan which not only includes inclusive calls, text messages and data allowance but also visual voicemail built in to Apple iPhones. I hope one day Hallo Mail reconsiders the packages on offer and introduced a cheaper option.

    • Hi Jason, we offer a 79p a month version if that is of interest? For that you get 10 seconds of your first voicemails transcribed each month. We hope that helps!

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