Another Number for Teams on Government Digital Marketplace

Another Number for Teams on Government Digital Marketplace

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We are pleased to announce that Another Number for Teams is available on The Government Digital Marketplace.

What is Another Number for Teams?

Another Number for Teams is a GDPR friendly solution for any organisation that supports, or would like to support mobile Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). As consumers are keen to keep their smartphones up to date and have easy and affordable access to the latest technology, they have come to expect the same in their work environment. Personal preference and brand loyalty is also an important factor, so by allowing an employee to use their personal smartphone for work, you increase both happiness and productivity as they can work across multiple devices.

With government departments and local authorities subject to budget cuts and under pressure to reduce spending, BYOD offers the perfect solution; employees are able to use the latest technology and device of their choice at a lower cost per user.

How does Another Number for Teams support BYOD?

Another Number adds a second mobile number to your employees’ personal smartphones via our easy to use app. The work number and contacts list is completely separate from the personal phone so ensures that the user never has to give their personal number to colleagues and work contacts. Personal time is no longer interrupted by work calls and messages as the Do no Disturb setting allows the work number to be switched off out of work hours, at weekends and during holidays. The organisation is protected as they own the number, so if a device is lost or an employee leaves, the number can be switched off, diverted or assigned to their successor.

Easy adoption and deployment

Numbers are purchased by an administrator via the Another Number Team Portal. Employees are invited by email to download the app and as soon as it’s installed, their number is ready to use. The organisation pays so there is no need for time consuming and often inaccurate expense claims.

Cost savings

Business mobile phone contracts average at around £32 per month, so Another Number for Teams offers a more affordable solution than deploying second handsets to every employee. Each number is £9.99 per month which includes rental of the number and 300 credits – a credit equates to a one minute call or an SMS to a standard UK or US landline or mobile. Credits are pooled across your team so if some people talk more and some less, it balances out. If you find that credits deplete then you can purchase a topup bundle through the team portal.

Great for internal comms
As soon as an employee is added to your team they will have their colleagues’ names, roles and numbers pre-populated in the app so it’s easy to get hold of them. The ‘broadcast’ function in our team portal allows an administrator to send a message to all team members and we’ll soon be adding group chat so that Whatsapp can be replaced for internal comms. Calls and messages between team members are all included in the monthly plan to keep costs down.

Free trials for all!

If your department would like to trial Another Number for Teams you can register here. Or if you have any questions get in touch and we’ll be happy to help set up your pilot.

What is The Digital Marketplace?

Public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, use the Digital Marketplace to find cloud services, specialists who can work on digital projects and physical datacentre space. There are over 20,000 cloud services on the G-Cloud framework, divided into cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support. Due to it’s rigorous application and approval process, it means that agreements between government and suppliers is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.





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