Now’s the time entrepreneurs

Now’s the time entrepreneurs

1200 629 Andy Munarriz

Let’s face it, many are losing their jobs, likely many businesses won’t return post Covid and entire business sectors have been put on hold or even wiped out.

That said, opportunity tends to arrive during and after big change. Having been involved with and started a few new enterprises, the most successful, particularly in terms of rapid growth, were those that rose out of hard recession or global crisis moments.

It’s the entrepreneurs who will grasp these moments and create previously unseen commercially viable businesses. 

This was only reinforced to me when I spoke with a government department representative early on in the Covid crisis. It was made clear to me that if we wanted to help, our efforts would be knocked back, ignored and generally misunderstood. It was therefore our job to keep pushing, and in her words, it would be the entrepreneurs and small businesses that would catapult the country out of this event.

If there’s a take away from these few words, now’s the time to be entrepreneurial or at least  grab on to an entrepreneur and hang on.

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