Switching off isn’t easy, let the switchboard do it for you

Switching off isn’t easy, let the switchboard do it for you

1200 628 Andy Munarriz

Sometimes 24 hours just isn’t enough time in the day, most meetings could be emails and the phone never seems to stop ringing.

Running a business no matter what size usually leaves us feeling as if there’s always more to be done. Even on our best days we can’t help but feel like we could have done just that little bit more. 

Then to make matters worse, we read articles online that all of these bad work-life balance habits are traits associated with being a “successful entrepreneur”….only fuelling our addiction.

It’s all a lie. 

Having balance is the key to being productive and in turn, being successful. Fitting personal time into the small cracks between meetings, emails, calls, projects, and accounting is just a recipe for burn out. 

At the core of most of these issues sits our phone. Our beloved gateway to friends, entertainment, and memories. 

Picture this, it’s 7:45 pm on a weekday evening and the phone rings. It’s work, now I can already feel you itching to answer. Don’t. Be unavailable. Being self-employed doesn’t mean you should operate on your local petrol garage hours.

For some, this is a big jump to make. Much like how bad work habits have formed, these good habits need time to settle in. 

Although there is something you can do that will make “being unavailable” that little bit easier. Another Number features a switchboard, from there you can set your phone not to alert you to calls or texts from, say, the hours of 6 pm-7 am. 

All these would be personal time ruiners will be hit with a friendly voicemail (which will be transcribed to text by Another Number by the way.) 

Not having the phone ring is the majority of the battle, plus like most of our users reading the transcribed voicemail over a cup of coffee in the morning will leave you feeling grateful for not answering. 

Switching off isn’t easy, let the switchboard do it for you.

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