Online seller uses Another Number for work calls

Online seller uses Another Number for work calls

2200 1100 Thumbtel Team

Kelly Langton is exactly the type of person we had in mind when we launched Another Number. Somebody who needs an extra number but doesn’t want to invest in an entirely new contract or phone…

Kelly, tell us about what you do…

Well until around two months ago I used to run a ladies and children’s clothing boutique in Essex. I have now moved to selling online from home, particularly on Facebook. I also breed cats and so when I have a new litter I advertise the kittens, along with other items on Gumtree and Preloved.

How has your communications with customers changed since you started selling online?

Well in the boutique obviously my customers were all face to face and my suppliers also came into see me, I also had a landline number for enquiries. Now people mostly contact me via Facebook, Prevloved, Gumtree and email, and if they want to call I have to give them my mobile number.

So why did you decide to give another number a try?

It was recommended to me by a friend as I was complaining about getting phone calls about things I was selling at all hours. Also I soon found that when selling on Gumtree that it can attract some funny types and you don’t necessarily want them to have your personal number…I have even received prank calls so want to avoid those!

What do you like most about Another Number?

I was surprised how easy it as to set up – I literally had a new number and was ready to go straight away so I very quickly updated all of my online listings.

Which feature/features do you like best?

The main thing is obviously not having to share my personal number. Second to that is the Do not Disturb setting, as constantly engaging with strangers can sometimes be an inconvenience so it’s nice to be able to switch my second number off with one of my greetings to let them know when I’ll be back in touch.

What can we do better?

I have already requested that you add in the ability to send photos and I hear that you’re working on that which is great news! Whether I’m selling clothes or kittens I can guarantee that people want to see extra photos.

Would you recommend another number ?

Definitely. If you run your own business, sell online, or work from home then this is a perfect solution to keeping your number private and controlling when people can contact you.

If you’re a small business owner like Kelly, why not try Another Number for 3 days for free. For more info tale a look here.

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