Vicar uses Another Number to manage calls during non-standard working hours

Vicar uses Another Number to manage calls during non-standard working hours

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Mark Anderson is a Church of England vicar who needed to be able to switch off when the work day ended, which for him isn’t always at a set time so he needed a flexible and easy to manage solution.

Mark, what attracted you to give Another Number a try?

I need to have two numbers to keep my public and private lives separate but I want to be available for emergencies and so needed two numbers on one phone.

What problem/s does Another Number solve for you?

Due to my non standard working day (working evenings and weekends) the ‘do not disturb’ facility and option to record several greetings helps me to stay connected and inform people as to what I’m doing.

What is the biggest difference Another Number has made to you? Does it help with your work-life balance?

It helps my to keep my work and private life separate so I can dedicate myself fully to both.

Are there any features that you find particularly useful?

The different voicemail greetings and the do not disturb for one hour (or more) settings.

How was the move from two phones to one? (if applicable)

N/A but having experienced two phones in a previous job and the hassle of charging and carrying both, I was keen to find another solution for my new job.

How do you find the reliability and call quality?

Reliability is good and call quality is excellent.

Any other feedback or comments?

Excellent service overall and very happy with Another Number – I can’t imagine working without it now!

If like Mark, you like the idea of switching off from work when you need some time for yourself, why not try another number for 7 days for free. Find out more here.

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