Some mobile phone advice for BoJo

Some mobile phone advice for BoJo

512 512 Thumbtel Team

Dear Boris,

We understand that you’re getting into a spot of bother on your mobile phone at the moment, as you and your team are constantly being lobbied via text, and Labour has accused your party of running a ‘WhatsApp Government’.

Whilst we advocate the mobile phone as a tool for work, we know how irritating it can be when old contacts ask you for favours or pesky old work romances won’t stop hounding you. In fact, it’s precisely why we created Another Number.

Imagine Boris, if you could have a separate, second mobile number for work on your personal mobile, which you’d only give out to people who work with such as Matt and Rishi, you could even have a group chat called PPE or Ventilators, including only those you’ve invited to participate. Unlike WhatsApp, the person managing the service has complete oversight if necessary, imagine all that lovely transparency for an organisation such as the Government.

Then in the evenings when you’re sitting down to watch Corrie with Carrie and the baby, you can switch off the work number to give yourselves a bit of peace from work but leaving your personal number on so your family and chums can stay in touch – marvellous!

If you’d like to give this a try, do get in touch, and we’d be happy to help you end this mobile phone malarkey.




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