Converting Voicemail into Text

Converting Voicemail into Text

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Breathe New Life Into Your Voicemails

Voicemail can feel whimsically quaint, especially if you think back to its predecessor, the answering machine. The good news is, by converting voicemails into text, much like podcasting has repurposed the form of talk radio into a staple of modern content consumption, 

Voicemail-to-text has breathed new life into voice messages.

First, we did away with the linear consumption of voicemail with visual voicemail, then we enhanced the service by making voice messages tangible.

Through transcription, converting voicemail into text has transformed into something completely different. Now we can scan information with our eyes at a pace faster than the sender’s um’s and uh’s. Particularly in a business setting, voicemail-to-text opens countless doors.

There’s nothing more powerful than what our users say about voicemail-to-text:

It integrates with e-mail

“It’s the transcription – it just integrates all my voice-mails with my e-mails. Also, how an initial enquiry is handled is very important in my area of work, so I don’t want to miss any calls.” 

You can forward to colleagues

“Text transcription – both in the app/message preview, and the option to email the text version.”

You immediately see who left the message

“The transcription functionality. Means I can see who called and pretty much what they said. Often, that’s enough.”


And when we ask people why they like the transcription so much, it’s not just because converting voicemail into text makes it so much easier than dialling in to hear their voicemails, it genuinely helps them:

  • Create a‘To Do List’ and effectively manage new incoming enquiries from prospective customers.
  • Preserve the message for future reference, forward it to yourself and organize it as you see fit amongst your files forever
  • Share a message to a whole team, by forwarding it to multiple recipients
  • No more scrambling for a pencil to jot down a return phone number. The transcription captures that number, which you can call back in a tap; no dialling or double-checking necessary.
  • Search their voicemails, as when voicemails are transcribed into text, they become searchable. The business utility of voicemail-to-text becomes really quite invaluable.

So if you are concerned that the missed calls on your mobile may have been lost business, take a look at Hullomail to take advantage of custom greetings, out of office voicemail greetings, voicemail transcription and the ability to automatically share your messages to email.

The service is available on both iPhone and Android. Or if you’d like to add a second line to your personal mobile as a dedicated work number, try Another Number, available for individuals or your entire business.

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