Use Another Number to share your work voicemails

Use Another Number to share your work voicemails

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We all receive voicemails on our mobiles and thanks to Another Number’s visual voicemail feature, you no longer have to dial in to hear who is calling and find out what they said.

You’ll see all of your voicemails messages in the Recent view and when you go into the history for each particular contact. You can read or listen to your messages as we transcribe the first 30 seconds for you, which is usually when the most important points are made!

Sometimes there will be a message that isn’t relevant to you or you simply need someone else to take care of it for you, so we’ve made it easy for you to easily share both the transcription and the audio of your messages.

We hope you’ll find this a useful and time-saving feature. If you have any suggestions for other useful additions, contact or let us know via social media.

If you don’t yet have Another Number then download it today to start a FREE TRIAL for one week.

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