Use hullomail to increases sales and improve customer services

Use hullomail to increases sales and improve customer services

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At HulloMail we love hearing from our happy customers so when we read the review below from Roger Morris, we wanted to find out a little more…

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by Roza Morris – Edited Jul 19, 2017

Truly amazing app. I cannot tell you the impact it’s had on my sales by having hundreds of personal voicemails. People just love dedicated personalised voice messages. Being able to manage and prioritise your calls and being able to have them transcribed into text and it appears on your iWatch now! Never miss an important call again. The future of customer service delivered in an app.

Version 4.3.0 | United Kingdom

How did you hear about about HulloMail?

A friend who used it sent me the invite.

How long have you been using the app?

Three years now.

What problem does it solve for you?

It has the ability to define customer service both in personalised messages or the ability to defuse a complaint by leaving a personalised message to say I am on the phone dealing with their issues.

What is its most useful feature?

Getting the message transcribed into text and it appears on your Apple Watch!

Do you have any suggestions for more features?

Search facility to find a recorded message quicker than scrolling through hundreds of messages (available as part of our business subscription).

If you’d like to try out visual voicemail with personalised greetings, transcribed voicemails and the ability to search through your messages then try HulloMail’s business subscription – free trials are available for one week for iPhone on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Enjoy your voicemail!

The HulloMail Team






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