Empowering freelance copywriters: Our chat with Copify

Empowering freelance copywriters: Our chat with Copify

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We’re always on the lookout for tools that work well alongside Another Number, so recently we had a chat with Copify, the online marketplace for freelance copy-writers…

What is Copify?

Copify is a copywriting platform where freelance copywriters are partnered with businesses across the globe to produce written content. This ranges from blog posts and articles to press releases, product descriptions, web pages and beyond. An eclectic range of industries are covered, including marketing, travel, technology, food and everything in between. As well as the Copify UK service, we also cater for the US and Australia.

Who can become a writer on Copify?

Our writers have a variety of backgrounds, but all share the same skill – a high level of copywriting ability. When we assess applications, we look for experience in the field, whether that be through an agency, in journalism, working as a freelance writer previously and/or holding a relevant degree, such as English Literature.

In addition to this, writers have to pass a sample copy test in a timed environment, where we assess each writer for their copywriting skills, from basic grammar to the ingenuity of their copy. This stringent application process allows us to approve only the most highly skilled writers, in turn producing the best quality copy for our clients.

What services do Copify writers provide and what writing projects can they work on?

The choice of work is pretty much infinite! We’re always undertaking new projects and clients of all sizes, whether it’s a client who wants a regular 350-word blog about wine or a business that needs over a thousand product descriptions for their new website. Sometimes the orders can be as small as a 100-word script for a video; at other times, we have educational guides with a word count that reaches into the thousands. It varies enormously, which is one of the best things about Copify for writers: they can choose topics they’re interested in or take on a challenge which requires a lot of research.

The flexibility of the types of copy we offer also benefits writers as much as our clients, as it allows a writer to undertake one order where they have to write a newsworthy, detailed press release, and then immediately follow that up with a creative blog for a niche sector. This makes our writers extremely versatile, and facilitates nearly every type of copywriting under the sun. Clients have the option to place an order under ‘Misc’, which could be anything!

A huge advantage of writing with Copify is how easily it fits into everyday life. Being freelance facilitates taking on an order when it suits a writer, so whether it’s 3am or 3pm, writers can log on and take on as little or as much work as they want, or is available. Our payment system is very efficient, too, allowing writers to receive payout when they choose for whichever orders they’ve completed.

As there’s no obligation to take on certain orders – we have some writers that do a couple per month; others have written hundreds of orders covering the past year – Copify is totally adaptable to all lifestyles, and many writers have a full-time job alongside writing for us. A highlight of writing for Copify is our direct order system, which to summarise, allows clients who are particularly pleased with a writer’s work to continually order copy only written by that copywriter. It means that our writers and clients often build good working relationships and get the most out of our platform.

Any beginners’ tips for those looking to become a freelance copywriter?

Get experience. It’s usually easier said than done, but if you can gain work experience or an internship in a company that gives you the opportunity to write, it helps hugely with an understanding of copywriting. It’s not just a case of putting words on a page – copywriters need to master insight, audience, tone, what the client wants and how to translate a theme/topic into a coherent, exciting piece of work. Combining this skill with Copify’s freelance platform is a uniquely versatile opportunity, but if you have experience in an agency or journalistic environment, it makes it that much easier to understand what the clients – and the Copify team – are looking for. Even starting your own blog helps!

We’ve written a short guide explaining more about the process of becoming a copywriter, so those interested can get the know-how needed to get started.

What are Copify’s plans for the future?

Copify is set to keep on growing, with several interesting clients on the horizon and plenty more opportunities for writers. We’re looking to expand further in the US and Australian markets, and increase the quality of our writers to produce even better copywriting content. The internal team is expanding, which will hopefully garner further projects and will allow better management of our multitude of copywriting services. We’re excited to see what will happen!






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