Get the most out of Another Number for Expats

Get the most out of Another Number for Expats

2048 981 Ally Munarriz

Here are some tips to get you started…

  • Calling and texting – Your calls and texts are included in your subscription, subject to our Fair use Policy
  • Easily identify your work calls with a special ringtone by opening your phone Contacts, find the Another Number Incoming Call contact and set a ringtone to easily identify your work calls.
    Another Number Global
  • Find your number by going to More and share it with your UK contacts so they can start calling and texting you.
  • Create greetings in the switchboard for when you’re not available – one for evenings, weekends and when you’re on holiday, telling your UK contacts when they can expect to hear from you.Another Number Global
  • Easily separate UK numbers by copying UK contacts into the app.Another Number Global

If you also require:

  • Another Number in your business – If your colleagues or employees would also benefit from Another Number, with additional Group Chat and Team Directory features please see more here

We hope you enjoy using Another Number Global. Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or suggestions for new features contactus@thumbtel.com

The Thumbtel Team

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