So what is Another Number?

So what is Another Number?

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Another Number has evolved following years of hearing similar stories, complaints and frustrations from friends, colleagues and family members about managing (or failing to manage) work calls and texts.  An app for anyone who has received a work call on their personal mobile, has been bothered by work calls and texts whilst on holiday/feeding their kids/out for dinner with friends, is fed up of carrying two mobiles, or who has answered an important customer call far too casually and wishes they hadn’t.

Another Number is here to help you stop mixing business with pleasure.

It gives you a second number for work on your current mobile, without the need for a second SIM or contract and best of all, you won’t need to carry a second phone. Hooray!

Once you start using the app you won’t need to give work contacts your personal number ever again, so you can take control of when you hear from them. Bliss. Once in do not disturb mode – either in the evenings, weekends or whilst you’re relaxing on holiday, your work contacts will receive an out of office voice or text message and you will be blissfully unaware until you are back in work mode, so you can start enjoying your free time.

The app is available today and we offer a free trial for one week. Find us on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

We also offer Another Number For Teams so that business owners can help their team with work-life balance whilst saving money and helping the environment by avoiding multiple second devices.

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