The Italian job and Another Number for Expats

The Italian job and Another Number for Expats

1200 628 Thumbtel Team

UK businessman moving to Italy for 2 years of work and how Another Number for Expats helped.

His business has been active for years and his UK personal mobile number is the known and used number associated with that business.

Moving to Italy means using his existing UK sim and number will be prohibitively expensive. So, a local Italian call and data plan will be required while working abroad.

Keeping the UK number live is very important but using a local sim, number and data plan is also essential from a cost point of view.

How did Another Number for Expats help? The user subscribed to the Italian app store version of Another Number. This enabled a UK number on the recently subscribed and local Italian mobile network service.

The ‘Another Number’ team waited for the dust to settle before porting over the previous UK number to the Italian Another Number for Expats service.

To conclude (finally), the businessman had a local Italian sim and data plan plus a 2nd number dedicated to his past UK number on the same phone. All good!

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