Another Number used by paramedic in the UK

Another Number used by paramedic in the UK

1038 690 Andy Munarriz

As a frontline Paramedic I used to find myself using my own phone to make calls whilst at work. This could be calling GP surgeries to make an appointment for a patient or calling and speaking to a patient’s next of kin. I would usually withhold my caller ID however sometimes in the heat of the moment I would forget and other times I will need someone to call me back.

Over the last few months I have been using Another Number app and it has completely solved all of these problems! I can now not only protect my personal number but I can also receive calls back as well. I have also made use of the facility to record a personalised answerphone message related to my role. It quite literally gives me all the functionality of having a secondary work phone without the hassle of carrying and charging two phones and the ease of using a device you’re used to. 

The app is easy and intuitive to use. I really like the fact the app comes with a separate address book which I have used to have my work related contacts in. I can now quickly find the right number and call out as easily as when using my normal phone functions. I did think that it might be clunky and difficult to use but it’s the exact opposite. 

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who has the need for a work phone/ number but would rather only use one device. It’s something I plan to continue using into the future and have recommended to my colleagues. 

James – Paramedic NHS Ambulance Service


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