Another Number update to support GDPR best practices

Another Number update to support GDPR best practices

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The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, is this month’s hot topic. It places new obligations on companies that process EU personal data. As a result, we’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Another Number Terms of Use.

We’ve also added a new feature to Another Number so you can use your personal mobile for work, safe in the knowledge that you’re following best practices.

So how have we improved Another Number?

A New Feature We’ve introduced Another Number Contacts which will allow you to separate work contacts from personal contacts.

Why? GDPR requires that you keep your work and personal contacts and communications separate, so we are making it as easy as possible. It’s also now far easier to find someone as you don’t have several unnecessary contacts in each list, and you won’t accidentally call a work contact from your personal number. Download the most recent version of the app here to ensure that you can use this feature – you’ll be guided through a setup wizard when you update.

Are you a business owner? Take a look at Another Number for Teams to implement a GDPR-friendly BYOD policy for your team that protects both you and your customers and ensures business continuity. Find out more here.

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As always, thank you for the support.
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