Changes to your Android HulloMail subscription

Changes to your Android HulloMail subscription

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For the last 10 years, we’ve run HulloMail on Android with three different flavours: Free, Premium and Business, with the option of adding on extras such as ‘Get The Gist’ voicemail transcription. This year we’ve decided to simplify the service and move to two subscriptions: HulloMail Lite and HulloMail Pro.


The free version of HulloMail was previously partly funded by advertising but this was insufficient in subsidising the service. To keep HulloMail running on Android we’ve decided to offer a Lite subscription at the cheapest possible price of £0.79/€ 0,99/$0.99 per month or £7.99/€8.99 /$8.49 per year, with some new features added.

I have the free version of HulloMail, what happens now?

We have enabled a two-week free trial of HulloMail Pro for all subscribers. Once your trial expires, you can subscribe to Lite, or Pro, or deactivate and return to your operator’s voicemail. 

What does the HulloMail Pro trial include?

  • Voicemail Transcriptions – The first 30 seconds of all messages transcribed
  • Custom Greetings – Create an individual greeting for the people who call you most
  • Block Callers – Stop unwanted callers from leaving you messages
  • Search – Find messages by the caller or the message content

I have HulloMail Premium, what happens now?

We currently charge £8.99/$/€ per year for HulloMail Premium. This subscription is being replaced by HulloMail Lite, an auto-renewable subscription at £0.79/€0.99 /$0.99 per month or £7.99/€8.99 /$8.49 per year.

It will include 10 voicemail transcriptions of 10 seconds per month – enough for you to ‘Get The Gist’ of the message. Your current HulloMail Premium subscription will run until its expiry date and then you’ll have the choice of subscribing to HulloMail Lite, or upgrading to HulloMail Pro with access to all of the features in the section above.

I have HulloMail Business, what happens now?

The name of your subscription has changed to HulloMail Pro, the price remains the same but you now have some extra features:

  • Block Callers – Stop unwanted callers from leaving you messages
  • Assigning Greetings – You can now re-use a greeting for more than one contact

My subscription was free, why should I pay?

In HulloMail Lite we’ve incorporated Get The Gist voicemail transcription so you’ll be able to read the first 10 seconds of your first 10 messages each month. You’ll also be able to create and assign individual greetings to any of your contacts.

We understand this may not be to everyone’s liking – you can learn how to deactivate and return to your operator here. We’ll be sad to see you go but won’t be offended.

If you have any questions or need help with your new subscription please see our FAQs contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

  • No you won’t be offended, but we will, you will lose it lot of customers, but you don’t mean you won’t be offended, you don’t care you mean,you’ll have the people who will pay. Greed, that is all it is worth I definitely will not miss it.

    • Hi Neil, We understand that some people may decide not to pay but we thought that 79p each month or £7.99 each year was very reasonable and certainly not offensive, considering that we have run the service for free for 10 years and not asked for anything from our several thousand ‘free’ subscribers. It is not greed at all but what we need to do as a business – either we charge for HulloMail or switch the Android service off altogether, we hope you’ll understand.

    • Neil, you are a dick. The service was free. If you don’t want to pay, shut up and go away. Simple.

    • So you think they should continue to provide a service completely free without being compensated for their realized overhead? That seems unreasonable.

    • Liam Chesterfield 2nd July 2019 at 8:39 pm

      Greed? Get real, Neil. You aren’t entitled to anything for free, and it’s amazing they’ve provided that service for free for 10 years.

      Personally I’ve always paid the paltry annual subscription fee because I want to support the developers and want the premium features. If 8 quid is too much for you, that’s fine mate but I think it’s very weak to accuse these folks of being greedy just because they want to keep operating their business.

      If there’s a greedy person here it’s those demanding free services!

  • hello,,

    I currently have the Premium service at £8.99 p/a as I use multiple voice mail messages for different contacts. would I be right in saying that feature is not available in the new Lite version for the same value ? and I will have to upgrade my annual subscription of £39.99 ?

  • Can I pay yearly not monthly.
    Monthly don’t work for my business
    If not I will have to stop using this service

  • Service remains excellent. The amounts suggested seem proportionate and fair. I would imagine there has been quite some thought in defining a price level that replaces the inevitable annoying ads. On balance, this is a sound move. Good luck and I hope it brings the benefits you deserve.

    • Hi Lawrence, thank you for your comments, they are very much appreciated and we are pleased that you are enjoying the service.

  • The service provided from the company is first class and far above a lot of other companies. I’ve always found them to be quick at replying and most helpful and polite at all times.
    So thank you guys for all the hard work you put into giving us a fantastic product which I couldn’t live without. 😁

  • I’ve used the free service since moving to three UK. I like it, but there have been times that it hasn’t let me know I have had a message – I suspect after a reboot but before I have specifically opened the app. Can I rely on Hullomail to tell me I have an answerphone message in the future? Happy to pay for the service but I don’t recall many if any updates so hoping the app will continue to be developed.

  • Hi there. I’m going to be signing up for either Lite or Pro. I didn’t see where your prices were listed in US dollars. Can you please guide me to that information? Thank you!

  • Can I just say from reading all the comments there’s clearly some unhappy people that have been using it free. I’ve been using this service free for the past year and I value it because some operators don’t offer visual voicemail on Android. I can say I am actually more than happy to pay £7.99 a year and I understand it cost money to run a service. people that are making negative comments should go and think about their hothead decision

    • Hi Mark, thank you very much for your positive response, it’s so nice to hear and we’re very grateful for your ongoing support.

  • Hello.
    I’ve been using Premium for years now and I’ll carry on with the Lite version as it suits me fine.
    Good luck in your continued business and long may you continue!

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