Use Hullomail to maximise new business enquiries

Use Hullomail to maximise new business enquiries

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We live in a world that has become less patient and if people are looking for a new service or need a problem solving then they’ll do their research and hope to speak with someone immediately.

If a prospective customer calls you to make a new business enquiry and they either don’t get through or hear a very standard and unprofessional voicemail, it’s very likely that you’ll have lost your chance to impress and won’t win that business, which is a waste of your marketing spend that initially attracted them to you.

However, if their call is directed to a voicemail inbox with a professional greeting, telling them that their enquiry will be dealt with within a certain time period, then it gives more confidence and creates a better first impression.

From a business owner’s perspective, if you receive a lot of enquiries through to your mobile and don’t have a PA or call answering service in place, then it’s important to know that you have a robust solution if you can’t get take the call, or the call hasn’t come through as you have no signal.

Over the years we have added features into Hullomail with business owners and professionals in mind to offer this support. We recently asked our subscribers what they like most about Hullomail. The response was unanimous…

“It’s the transcription – it just integrates all my voice-mails with my e-mails. Also, how an initial enquiry is handled is very important in my area of work, so I don’t want to miss any calls.” 

“Text transcription – both in the app/message preview, and the option to email the text version.”

“The transcription functionality. Means I can see who called and pretty much what they said. Often, that’s enough.”

And when we ask people why they like the transcription so much, it’s not just because it’s easier than dialling in to hear their voicemails, it helps them to create a ‘To Do List’ and effectively manage new incoming enquiries from prospective customers.

For example, Christian who is an Executive Coach and Psychotherapist told us that 30% of his new business comes through via phone or voicemail so Hullomail plays a vital role in securing new clients.

All of his voicemails are there in his inbox so he knows who to get back to and can easily prioritise, or forward the messages, including transcriptions if they can be followed up by a colleague.

So if you are concerned that the missed calls on your mobile may have been lost business, take a look at Hullomail to take advantage of custom greetings, out of office voicemail greetings, voicemail transcription and the ability to automatically share your messages to email.

The service is available on both iPhone and Android. Or if you’d like to add a second line to your personal mobile as a dedicated work number, try Another Number, available for individuals or your entire business.





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