Why should you start working from home?

Why should you start working from home?

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Over the past few years, many organisations have begun to allow their staff members to work out of their homes. With recent advances in technology, some people rarely go into the main office anymore. A study in 2016 found that only 12% of parents in U.K. felt that their work-life balance was just right, with most parents wanting to be able to work from home, or at least to work more flexible hours. Here are some of the best bits about working from home.

No more commuting

Not only is commuting often stressful and unpleasant, you’re neither working nor spending time with family. Working at home eliminates this waste of time, and leaves more time for both family and work. Also, not only is commuting a drag, it’s expensive. You’ll save money on petrol, public transportation costs, and/or car insurance and maintenance by working at home.

Spend more time with the family

Working at home allows you to be a part of your children’s routines throughout the day; not just morning, evenings and weekends. You can take a lunch break with your toddler and hear all the day’s news when they get home from school. Work-at-home parents don’t have unlimited time with their kids, but they do have more frequent opportunities to be with their children.

Splitting up the day

It would be nice to get home from work and relax. But instead, you’ll stress over the long list of chores you now have to get on with, from unloading the dishwasher, putting on a wash to planning tonight’s dinner. Working from home can alleviate the rush to complete chores once the day is over. It’s amazing being able to break up your work day, sorting out jobs as they need doing and making the most out of flexible working.

Work flexible hours

Working from home often means you’ll also have the option to work flexible hours. This is especially useful to parents who might need to be up early to make a school run or pick up the kids up from nursery and it enables you to fit your schedule around your kids.

Your own space

Working from home also has the great added benefit of working somewhere which is comfortable for you. Having your own space designed for you can not only help reduce stress but you have the added benefit of fewer distractions. You’re not going to be interrupted by colleagues or unnecessary meetings, allowing you to keep your head down, focus, and be more productive.

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