Introducing Think Productive

Introducing Think Productive

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One of the main reasons that we launched Another Number was to help people who couldn’t switch off from work. Many of us struggle to manage our time, let work interrupt our time off and just can’t say no to answering that ‘urgent email’ or taking that ‘quick call’ when maybe we shouldn’t, or don’t need to.

This is often a symptom of our busy minds, our ‘always on’ culture and our never-ending to-do lists. So we are very pleased to partner with Think Productive who have made it their mission to solve our productivity and time-management woes.

Founded in 2009 by Graham Allcott, Think Productive has a team of Productivity Ninjas who deliver workshops, practical coaching and consultancy to help both individuals and huge organisations to increase their productivity whilst lowering stress levels…yes, it is possible.

Obviously if you use Another Number you may have followed our advice to use your Do Not Disturb switch when you’re on holiday, or delegate important messages to colleagues whilst you’re not working, but for some more in-depth guidance, Graham has authored several books covering topics such as Work Fuel (how your diet can improve your focus and boost performance) and How To Be Really Productive. Take a look here if you’d like to find out more.

If you’re more of an online learner then you’ll love the Productivity Ninja Academy where you’ll find all sorts of video resources, articles and a set of perks and discounts available to all members, including an offer on Another Number! Sign up to the Academy here to start your productivity journey today!






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