Another Number with Automatic Call Blocker

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The UK’s first Second Phone Number app with an automatic ‘dodgy number’ blocker!

Is Another Number really the UK’s first Second Phone Number app with an automatic ‘dodgy number’ blocker?

We believe so! But maybe we should lead with ‘Probably’ the first UK second phone number with an automatic call blocker.

What is an automatic ‘dodgy number’ blocker?

Thumbtel has created a rolodex (a rather long list, for those of you who are too young to know what that means!) of over tens of thousands of UK unwanted callers. These numbers include scammers, telemarketers & spammers.

We’ve got your back. It can’t get simpler than this…

Another Number stops these known dodgy callers and texters at source. When a number that’s on this list calls, your phone won’t ring. The caller is completely blocked and won’t have the ability to even leave a voicemail. If they try and text you, we stop the text from reaching you.

The next time you open the app you’ll see we logged it for you without disturbing you!

Protect your business number & your employees from scams 

Statistics show that 50% of calls are unwanted. Not only that but The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport reported a 250% increase in nuisance and scam calls in 2020. Members of the public reported the usual calls from fraudsters claiming to be from organisations such as BT and Amazon. Added to this, callers posing as the NHS with information regarding track and trace or vaccinations exploited the coronavirus crisis. 

Another Number is available for both individuals and entire businesses, plus a version for Expats.

The Thumbtel Team