5 things you need to improve your mobile phone service when starting a business

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5 things you need to improve your mobile phone service when starting a business

Did you know that after finding a local business online, 60% of consumers prefer getting in touch by phone, dwarfing email, in-person visits, contact forms, and social media combined! Getting your mobile number enhanced is something you can do immediately. Consider these five tips to improve your mobile phone service when starting your business:

1. Don’t use your personal mobile number

And there is no need to spend money on a second mobile phone or second contract either! 

You can immediately improve your mobile phone service for your business by adding a virtual phone number to your mobile phone. There are several choices on how to get a second phone number but leaving bias at the door, if you want to save money on any network then  Another Number is for you.

2. Answer every call

You probably won’t be pick up every call and urges to buy are fleeting. A potential customer will move on to the next listing in a heartbeat.

It’s important you, therefore, create a highly responsive mobile system complete with professional voicemail greetings, and auto-replies. 

Another Number, is a virtual phone number that comes with a built-in switchboard, allowing you to professionally silence incoming work calls and texts during meetings, your free time, days off, and holidays, all with dedicated greetings.

3. Transcribe your voicemail

You can think of it as turning your voicemail messages into the equivalent of text messages. It’s a very fast way of getting through your voicemail messages, making voicemail as easy and efficient as email or SMS.

Not only are transcribed messages easy to visually scan but precious minutes can be saved on the tedium of inbox navigation.  

Another Number not only transcribes your voicemails but enables you to share or copy-and-paste valuable information from those transcriptions to your notes, texts, and emails in an instant.

4. Put all your business calls and messages in one place

Ever had to re-construct a conversation, when did I call, what was that voicemail, what did I text? You have to open your texting app, your call history your call your voicemail, and write down what was said, etc. You then have to correlate all these forms of contact to create a contact history.

Another Number improves your mobile phone service with re-construction in an instant as all your work-related calls, texts, IM’s and voicemails between you and your work contacts are in one place, in one powerful conversational view with contextual search.

5. Go virtual to grow faster

You start life as a bunch of founders and early employees. You don’t have anyone with the time or inclination to manage non-essential IT issues, such as shopping around for mobile phone contracts or creating and future-proofing your BYOD policy; you’re all too busy doing your jobs.

Another Number is designed to support the growth of your business whilst saving you money. You can add and remove mobile numbers as your Team expands, or shrinks, easily within a dedicated portal.

Once you’ve registered your business here you can purchase and allocate business mobile numbers to individuals in your organization in minutes, no waiting for delivery of SIM’s or activation.


These tips to improve your mobile phone service when starting a business are available with Another Number for both individuals and entire businesses.

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