How to get a second phone number on your phone

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Looking to get a second phone number on your phone?

Whether you’re starting your new business or just want some more privacy, having two numbers on your phone sounds like a no-brainer but how do you actually do it?

In this second phone number guide, we’ll compare the two most common approaches to get up and running. A quick bit of housekeeping, this guide will be focused on secondary mobile numbers, not landline numbers ☎️…

So at a glance, your options fall into two categories:
1. Virtual Number

2. Virtual SIM – eSIM

Choice 1 - Virtual Number

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual phone number is a phone number that isn’t bound to a SIM or a physical address and therefore works on any network. Virtual phone numbers let you make and receive calls, send and receive texts, on one mobile phone just like your main mobile number. Using an App like Another Number, a virtual phone number is ideal as your second number as it co-exists and is active alongside your main mobile number.

What is Another Number?

Another Number is an IOS and Andriod app that gives you a dedicated UK second phone number on your personal phone. The service provides a virtual phone number that works through your mobile network, mobile data and WiFi.

What is the Another Number Experience?

So how good is Another Number? Is it just another app that overpromises and under delivers? Well removing bias it’s the smoothest solution. It rings when dialled and calls when needed, pretty much everything you’d expect.

Our users love that all work-related calls, texts, IM’s, voicemails between you and your work contacts are in one place, in one powerful conversational view with contextual search. Your entire workflow is in one place, not scattered across numerous apps.

What is the Another Number Environment Benefit🌱?

Did you know it takes 13 tonnes of water and 18 square meters of land to extract the precious metals to make a single smartphone? No one needs a second phone, make the most of your existing phone, read more here.

How much is Another Number?

In terms of pricing, Another Number is the best value for money around, with an intro offer of £6.99 followed by a simple monthly subscription of £9.99 that you can cancel at any time via the Apple or Google play store.

Choice 2 - eSim/Dual Sim

What is an eSIM?

So we all know what a SIM card is, a tiny chip that slots into your phone that you can never find the tool to pop out, well an eSIM is just a tiny embedded version of that in your phone. With an eSIM you’ll effectively have two SIM cards in your phone; one physical, and a second embedded.

Apple prefers the term Dual Sim

How do you use an eSIM?

So unlike Another Number, an eSIM will be a second number embedded into your phone and not run through an app, the service will require a contract and compatible device. Currently, in the UK you can get an eSIM from EE, O2, Virgin Media or Vodafone.

Beware that not all phones support dual-SIM connectivity, meaning you cannot have two numbers active at the same time. 

What device do you need for an eSim?

So what phone will you need to run an eSIM from? The following are eSIM compatible in the UK:

iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, 11/12/13, 11/12/13 Pro, 11/12/13 Pro Max and SE 2020
Samsung Galaxy S20 4G, S20 5G, S20 5G Plus, S20 Ultra 5G
Google Pixel 3/4/5/6 and 3/4/5/6 XL

What is the eSIM Experience?

So, now we’ve discussed the requirements to get an eSIM, how do you get one? Well, you generally need to get a new plastic SIM and then convert it to an eSIM, a bit of time with mobile network customer support 🤔…

What is an eSIM like to use? Well, on an Apple device it works flawlessly through iOS but its use is integrated into the same workflow as your primary number but marked/tagged – i.e. the second number is flagged in iMessage & your call history etc.

An eSIM is ideal for combining two networks on one device, for example, EE at home and O2 in the office and therefore offers increased coverage options. However beware that some dual SIM phones like the Pixel 3 & XL can only use one number at a time, therefore you won’t have two phone numbers at the same time!

What is the price of an eSIM💰?

The price of an eSIM varies depending on the data you need. However, you will very likely need a second mobile contract for 24 months. 

Should I use Another Number or an eSIM?

Conclusion 🏅

Leaving bias at the door, which service is for you?

If it’s extended coverage you’re looking for and contract length of 24 months isn’t a concern then an eSIM is a great option, we’d recommend it 📡

If you’re after a second UK mobile number dedicated for work and want an easy monthly billing cycle then Another Number is for you, plus it’ll work on any network 🤙

For further information see Another Number or you can download now…